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Ensuring Fair Trial and the Most Effective Defense

If you are arrested and facing criminal charges in Massachusetts, the wisest initial step is to contact a seasoned attorney. With two decades of track record, we have consistently delivered assertive, knowledgeable, and competent criminal lawyer services to our clients. We are ready and willing to elucidate your rights and explore the available options in the face of criminal charges.

Dedicated Legal Service

At THE LAW OFFICE OF STEPHEN M. DODD, we firmly believe that every defendant receives a fair trial and the most effective defense possible. Our extensive knowledge, legal savvy, and experience offer the best chance at exoneration from any charges levied against you. We are committed to providing dedicated legal representation during challenging times. Avoid the pitfalls of an overworked attorney by choosing representation that prioritizes your case over rushing between courtrooms statewide.

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What Can We Do for You

We recognize that good people can face challenging circumstances, and even the best among us may find themselves in difficult situations. THE LAW OFFICE OF STEPHEN M. DODD is prepared to handle cases, whether white-collar or involving violent crimes. We aggressively advocate for your rights following an arrest anywhere in or around Norwell, guiding you through every stage of the legal process, including:

  • Arraignment

  • Pre-Trial Motions

  • Pre-Trial Hearings

  • Trial

  • Sentencing (if Necessary)

Thorough and Comprehensive Defense

By retaining us, you secure a qualified criminal defense attorney and gain an ally dedicated to clearing your name and protecting your hard-earned reputation in the aftermath of accusations. Facing a criminal charge is never easy, but with the resources behind THE LAW OFFICE OF STEPHEN M. DODD, rest assured that your defense will be thorough, exhaustive, and comprehensive, offering the best chance at exoneration.

Three Decades of Successful Representation

With a track record of successfully handling criminal cases in Massachusetts courts for over three decades, our experienced team is ready to explain how we can assist you today. THE LAW OFFICE OF STEPHEN M. DODD is committed to fighting for the dismissal of charges before your case goes to trial, making it our top priority in handling criminal cases.

Immediate Assistance for Various Charges

As a top-rated law office, we are well-versed in areas such as drugs trafficking, Operating under the influence of drug and or alcohol, Open container, fraud, embezzlement, sex crimes, homicide, manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, arson, assault, assault and battery, rape, gang-related incidents, weapons violations, and gun violence. If you've been arrested, call us for immediate assistance.

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