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Mastering Various Civil Litigation Areas

Civil litigation encompasses a broad spectrum of legal matters, with lawyers preparing and prosecuting lawsuits involving disputes over torts, contracts, or special proceedings. Every civil lawyer at THE LAW OFFICE OF STEPHEN M. DODD specializes in various civil litigation areas to protect the rights of our clients.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law addresses physical or emotional injury and property damage, categorized into negligence, intentional torts, and product liability torts. Whether defending against a lawsuit or pursuing compensation for injuries, our office works tirelessly and vigorously on behalf of our clients.

Worker's Compensation

In workplace injuries, securing worker's compensation benefits necessitates skilled legal representation. THE LAW OFFICE OF STEPHEN M. DODD simplifies the process, overseeing every aspect, identifying responsible parties, and addressing personal injury claims to compensate for lost wages and pain and suffering.

Medical Malpractice

Our firm handles various medical malpractice claims, holding medical professionals accountable for negligence. From birth injuries to misdiagnosis, we fight to ensure victims receive the benefits they rightfully deserve.

Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination laws protect against unfair treatment based on various factors like age, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or disability. We also protect employees from retaliation for reporting discrimination or participating in investigations. Employers cannot discriminate against employees in matters involving:

  • Hiring & Firing

  • Promotions, Demotions or Job Transfers

  • Compensation

  • Assignment or Classification of Workers

  • Layoffs, Reduction in Force (Rif), or Forced Retirements

  • Job Advertisements and Recruitment Procedures

  • Job Testing

  • Use of Company Facilities

  • Training and Apprenticeship/Internship Programs

  • Retirement Plans & Benefits and Health/Medical and Fringe Benefits

  • Disability Leave and Severance

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